Revolutionary Breakthrough In Golf Alignment


The world's first handheld alignment system for golfers, with 100% accurate viewfinder, active alignment and target lock technology.

  • The most important aspect of any golfers game is the alignment/setup. 

  • The PGA website tells us that 95% of all "swing flaws" can be traced back to the setup position. Or as 18 time major champion Jack Nicklaus once said  "If you setup to the ball poorly, you’ll hit a lousy golf shot even if you make the greatest swing in the world". 

  • Imagine if you could eliminate the guesswork from your setup - if you could be sure of the perfect setup every stroke, on the golf course as well as on the practice ground!  

Point, Press and Place

For the perfect setup and perfect shot


Target Lock Technology

When SetupEye is moved it tracks back to its original target


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